Step 1

Open a new browser on a desktop/laptop device in incognito mode.

Step 2

Enter the following link into the URL line of your browser:

Step 3

Click Edit Settings

Step 4

Select ALL Instagram profiles here and click Next

(If you can´t see your Instagram account here, you´re not an admin of this Instagram account, or your Instagram account is not connected to a Facebook page.)

Please check:

How to connect an Instagram account to a Facebook profile

Step 5

Select the Facebook page your Instagram account is connected to and click Next

Step 6

Select ALL options here and click on Done

Step 7

Go to your Facebook page your Instagram is connected to, click on the left side on "Page Settings", click on "Instagram" and check if there is a blue "Review connection" button. 

If you see it, please click on it. If you don´t, never mind.